Bedroom Moving Kit | Movers and Packers in Dubai

1-2 Bedroom Moving Kit


Most of our moving company in Dubai offer great value for money, the following item may require for moving one or two bedroom flats in Dubai. Min 14-17 standard carton box required for moving the items. Other than Bubble Wrap, Tissue Papers, Tape and Market Pen. Ensure the box quality and size before arrange any items into the box.

5 x Small Moving Boxes – 350H x 350W x 250D mm

9 x Medium Moving Boxes – 457H x 333W x 333D mm

3 x Large Moving Boxes – 550H x 460W x 460D mm

1 x Roll of Bio-degradable Bubble wrap – 500mm x 5m

30 x Sheets of Acid Free Tissue Paper – 750mm x 500mm

2 x Roll of Packing Tape – 48mm Wide x 66m Long

2 x Anti-smudge Permanent Marker Pen (RED Colour help the moving companies to ensure those items packed or sensible)