The house is beautiful and does not need floral or fancy stuff. Simplicity is always beauty. The house is beautiful because of the removal of unnecessary items from home.

Clean the Floor :

Cleaning the room is not enough to cleaning up. In the ground there will be germs. So the floor should be wiped with water or liquids.

Shelves / Rack Clean :

There are plenty of dust in the closed shelves. So take all the items out of shelves and clean the drawers regularly.

Cot / Bed Sheets :

Do not keep the bed in the same place. Due to this, the dust possible to being in bedspread. So often keep the bed clean regularly.

Open the window on Weekends :

Try to keep the window open, if you are available in the home. Due to our work, we are not open the door or windows in home on weekdays. So try to keep the window open on week ends. The clean air will spread into the home and no more will be smell.

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