Vaccum Cleaner Tips

How to keep clean Vaccum Cleaning Clean ?

Some of the common things that the house cleaner will 
have to do with the vaccum cleaner. The cleaner will help to clean
the floors, windows curtains and car sheets.

Dust baking in a vacuum cleaner is a few drops of lemon syrup, 
and the lemon flavor spreads in areas you clean.

There is no better substance than a general resident cleaner that 
cleans your mattress.
Pour / Spray a little soap on the mattress and clean up the mattress 
with vaccum cleaner, where the mattress is clean quickly & neatly.

In the same way home remedies can also be used to clean the 
sofa trays, window curtains and pillows.

It is necessary to clean up the vaccum cleaner after using it.


How to Clean your home tiles

Clean Tiles in Home

To make your own ceramic tile cleaner,

  • 1/4 cup of baking soda,
  • 1/2 cup of white vinegar, and
  • 1 cup of household ammonia in a bucket.
  • Add 1 gallon of warm water, stirring until the baking soda dissolves.

Wearing rubber gloves, apply the mixture with a scrub brush or sponge and then rinse.

Mix a recent batch for every cleanup. to create your own heavy-duty grout cleaner, place three cups of saleratus in an exceedingly medium size bowl and add one cup of heat water. combine the contents to a swish paste and scrub into grout with a moist sponge or toothbrush, rinse totally after. you’ll take away most mildew from the grout between tiles by rubbing it with a toothbrush or brush lordotic in laundry bleach. (Don’t use abrasive powders or steelwool pads or you will scratch the tile.) Rinse with clear water once cleanup. If spots stay, you may camouflage stained grout with a white nail pencil or white liquid blacking. (If you get polish on the tiles, let it dry and so wipe it off with a rag.)


Before Move Flats in Dubai

Key Steps :

Before move into new Flats in Dubai

It’s not a simple thing to go home or another house for office or any other reasons.

But it is true that we can do anything better planned. Similarly, start planning for 30 days before the vacate the house, flat, villa or apartments.

First let’s find out which items are at home. And, find the items you do not need them anymore in the houses.

Anyone who knows or sell used items in Dubai. If you think you should not use it, throw it off or post in Dubai classifieds  or UAE Classifieds, like or

Avoid buying anything new. Clean up the most unused items and get ready to take it of the new home.


Checklist before buy a Car

If you decide to buy a car then there are some important things to do. Some of them are:

When you buy a car, you have to ensure, whether it is in the home or apartment building to park the cars.

In you own a home, you can create enough space to park the car. If you have a home that does not create enough parking space, inquire whether there is a sheet to stop the car near the house.

Whether your house is on the road in the back of the car, or every time you take the car, the damage to the car may be damaging  the car.

Buying a car is not only important, but it’s also important to stop the car near in our Flat, House or Villa.

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Simple natural methods of driving out Bed Bug

Natural methods to remove bed bugs

Bed bugs are a troublesome household pests. They’re sneaky, hard to find, and can pose potential health risks for you and your family. Bed bugs are active during the night. The bug is just a small point to look at the eggs of the pest. These eggs come to our home and easily spread through their luggage items, clothes and furnishings.

There are few natural stuff to prevent the bed bugs before enter into the home.

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Clove Oil :-

Take 1 table spoon of cloves and mix it with 1 cup of water and spray the water into the place where the bugs are spread.

Lavender Oil :-

Lavender oil helps to prevent the bed bugs to enter into the home. Take few drops of water and mix with Lavender oil. Shake well and spray into the place where the bugs are spread.


Easy steps to clean house rooms

The house is beautiful and does not need floral or fancy stuff. Simplicity is always beauty. The house is beautiful because of the removal of unnecessary items from home.

Clean the Floor :

Cleaning the room is not enough to cleaning up. In the ground there will be germs. So the floor should be wiped with water or liquids.

Shelves / Rack Clean :

There are plenty of dust in the closed shelves. So take all the items out of shelves and clean the drawers regularly.

Cot / Bed Sheets :

Do not keep the bed in the same place. Due to this, the dust possible to being in bedspread. So often keep the bed clean regularly.

Open the window on Weekends :

Try to keep the window open, if you are available in the home. Due to our work, we are not open the door or windows in home on weekdays. So try to keep the window open on week ends. The clean air will spread into the home and no more will be smell.


Bedroom Moving Kit | Movers and Packers in Dubai

1-2 Bedroom Moving Kit


Most of our moving company in Dubai offer great value for money, the following item may require for moving one or two bedroom flats in Dubai. Min 14-17 standard carton box required for moving the items. Other than Bubble Wrap, Tissue Papers, Tape and Market Pen. Ensure the box quality and size before arrange any items into the box.

5 x Small Moving Boxes – 350H x 350W x 250D mm

9 x Medium Moving Boxes – 457H x 333W x 333D mm

3 x Large Moving Boxes – 550H x 460W x 460D mm

1 x Roll of Bio-degradable Bubble wrap – 500mm x 5m

30 x Sheets of Acid Free Tissue Paper – 750mm x 500mm

2 x Roll of Packing Tape – 48mm Wide x 66m Long

2 x Anti-smudge Permanent Marker Pen (RED Colour help the moving companies to ensure those items packed or sensible)